Whether you’re restoring a classic car or building a vehicle from the frame up, creating a vehicle rendering beforehand can enhance the outcome of your project. The rendering not only gives you something to shoot for in terms of aesthetics, but it also gives you an idea of the parts you’ll need and will serve as daily inspiration for everyone on your team.

Improved Aesthetics

When starting a project, you may have schematics and technical specifications, but you may not be sure what the vehicle will look like when you’re done. This is like heading on a cross-country trip without an accurate roadmap. A vehicle rendering can lead you in the right direction in terms of paint, body work, add-ons and interior features, helping you get where you want to go quicker. This is because artists know color schemes and how to create balance in vehicle illustrations, ultimately helping you create a car or truck that is visually stunning.

Installing the Right Parts

Before creating a vehicle rendering, artists perform research and identify key features to include in their work. This is especially true when it comes to classic cars, where authenticity is of the utmost importance. There may be certain types of headlights, grills, hood ornaments and tires that artists use in their renderings, which will help you buy the right parts during your project. Having a professional research the look and feel of your project will help you save money on parts and labor over the long haul.


On some projects, it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal. Whether it’s because there is a technical snag, bickering among team members, or a shortage of parts or funds, morale can dip, and team members can become discouraged. Keeping a vehicle rendering close by can serve as an inspiration to everyone and remind them of the end goal. It can help everyone stay focused on creating, restoring or fixing a great vehicle and exceeding customer expectations.

A vehicle illustration can give you and your team members a goal to strive toward on your next project. It can give everyone a common vision and help you reach your objectives more quickly and with a higher degree of quality. – Contact Ryan for a vehicle rendering qoute.

001778 1970 Dodge Phoenix Color

001878 1970 Dodge Phoenix Front Fascia

001778 1970 Dodge Phoenix Line Art2